Tell us what you think of the
 Proposed Regulatory Action

California Notary Law

We here at Develop Point Education are committed to the instruction, development and involvement of Notaries Public in California and want to hear your input before we give ours. 

We have until April 6, 2012 to weigh in with our thoughts or need for a hearing on these proposals.  This is your opportunity to be a voice in the very Notary Public Disciplinary Guidelines that

directly affect you!


Notice of Proposed Regulatory Action for Notaries Public in California:


Notice was given this month by the Secretary of State that under authority established in California Government Code 8220, the California Secretary of State proposes to implement, interpret or make specific Section 20804 of the California Code of Regulations by revising the California Notary Disciplinary Guidelines set forth in 2001.

There are no plans for a public hearing on this unless there is an objection, which is why it is so important that you weigh in on this as a notary public in the state of California!  If there is no interest or hearing, it will become adopted as part of the Notary Public Disciplinary Guidelines.


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