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The California Notary Seal

What Constitutes A Legal Notary Seal In California?

In California, the law states that a notary seal be legible, photographically reproducible, and contains; the words "Notary Public", name of the notary as it is shown on the commission, name of the county where the oath and bond are filed, expiration date, and the commission number of the notary. 

As well, the seal may be round or rectangular in shape and has only two options for a border. If the seal is round it may not be more than 2 inches in diameter.  If the seal is rectangular it may not be any larger than 1 inch by 2 1/2 inches.  The border of the notary seal may only be a milled edge, (Like the edge of a quarter), or have a serrated appearance like that of a steak knife.

What About An Embosser As A Notary Seal?

An embosser gives a very professional appearance to a notarized document.  If a rubber inked seal, (the most common form of notary seal), is used to notarize a document, an embosser in not needed by California law.  However, if an embosser is used as the only seal then you need to remember that the seal also has to be photographically reproducible or it my be rejected.  You can accomplish this by either purchasing an ink stamp or some notaries have had success by shading the impression made by the embosser with a lead pencil.

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