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What is a certified immigration consultant?
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"I want to be an Immigration Consultant"
Okay, so WHAT IS a certified immigration consultant. Certified Immigration Consultants have the knowledge of process and procedures for filing certain immigration documents and is also knowing of available resources for cases that are beyond the capabilities of an immigration consultant. The bulk of work lies in preparing documents, document packages and filings for clients with various and specific immigration needs.    

Staying strictly within the limits granted to by the Secretary of State, (in California), they are also guided by rules addressed in the California business and professional code. The laws are very clear as to what an immigration consultant can and cannot do.  Through this code it is assured they are protecting the clients rights for provided service in their path to legal resolution in immigration matters.

Is there a need for Certified Immigration Consultants?

In a word, YES!
Today there are over 30 million undocumented people in the United States and millions more that need services through the USCIS, (United States Citizen and Immigration Services). Many people simply need to adjust status, sponsor family members, update files with the USCIS and many other needs as well.  Major search engines report that over 200 thousand inquiries are made every month from people looking for immigration consultants instead of immigration attorneys in an effort to save money. 

With our Certified Immigration Consultant training program you will learn everything you need to know about immigration law, how to process and file paperwork for immigrants, notarize documents as a notary public, take passport photos and much more.

How Do I Become A Certified Immigration Consultant?

The easiest way is to take our all-inclusive immigration consultant training course

To become a certified immigration consultant in the state of California you must meet and maintain certain qualifications and state requirements.  Though it is not very difficult, it is a little time consuming which is why we make it easy with our all-inclusive immigration consultant training program. We provide two ways for you to meet the following requirements and qualifications in a thorough and intensive immigration consultant training program 

Live In- class Seminars at a location near you
Live over-the-internet Webinars (click here for more information)

Immigration Nation US is our exclusive partner in quality education and expertise that is dedicated to the specifics of immigration consulting and immigration law.   

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Immigration Consultant Requirements and Qualifications

Background check

Everyone looking to become a certified immigration consultant must submit to a federal and state level background check via live scan.  

Live scan is a process by which fingerprints are taken electronically and submitted electronically within a period of 24 hours to the FBI and DOJ.  Many people are not aware that the reason these need to be done is because fingerprints are not "saved" anywhere.  Live scanned fingerprints are used to compare to the fingerprints on file by criminals.  If there are no matches, the background check via live scan is complete.

Live Scan fingerprinting is ALWAYS offered at our immigration consultant training classes offered by Develop Point Education through Immigration Nation US.

Age requirement

The minimum age  requirement in California is
18 years old.  There is no maximum age limit.


Currently there is no education requirement to perform your duties as a certified immigration consultant but you need to be very familiar with current laws, regulations, process and procedures just like any other vocation. 

There are a few schools around that teach the course but we spend time on what you need to know and keep the classes below 30 people so there is quality time for everyone as you acquire a deep knowledge and understanding of immigration.

Our classes are taught by seasoned immigration consultants not attorneys that over teach information that you do not need to know or have no use for.


Supplies you will need are very few beyond the regular office supplies and materials.  (You don't even need a computer if you don't want to use one though it makes life MUCH easier!) 

As an immigration consultant you will need to have a standard contract, follow up form letter and a receipt you can generate periodically for your clients as required by law.

As well, you will need access to forms for filling out and you may wish to consider a stamp to make it easy for adding your name and credentials to your paperwork. 

We provide all these things in our program and teach you how to use them.

Bond and other Fees

Secretary of State Requirements: 

  • 2 year $100,000 bond  This will need to be kept up every two years and submitted to the Secretary of State to keep your certification current which we are happy to support you with.
*We have industry partners to get you bond pricing much below what you could get on your own. 

  • $30.00 filing fee which is also cvovered in the cost of the Basic Plus Class

  • Live Scan background check through DOJ and FBI, (also covered in the Basic Plus Class)

For much more information about what  an immigration consultant is and how to become one, 

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