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Lancaster Notary Class

University of Phoenix
1202 West Ave. J, Lancaster CA 93534


"One Place, One Day...Done"!

Choose from two easy packages:

   Notary Class/Exam:        This includes your class, and seat for the exam. With this
             $95.00                  package you will also receive pre-class study material, State
                                              handbook, practice exam, class workbook, and applications

      Notary Requirements: This package includes the notary class / exam
             $195.00                  package and also offers Live Scan
                                            Fingerprinting, 2x2 passport style photo, (taken at your class),
                                            All other notary supplies may be purchased at your when YOU
                                            decide...not us!

State Requirements:
To become a new notary or renew your commission you must attend a 6 hour class, (you may attend a 3-hour class if your are re-newing), acquire a $15,000 notary bond for four years, complete a background check via live-scan, maintain a notary seal, notary journal. 

Our classes include the $15,000 notary bond in the Complete Notary Package to complete the state requirements for new and renewing notaries in the state of California.
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