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How Do I Become A Notary Public?
To become a notary public in the state of California you must meet certain qualifications and state requirements.  Though it is not very difficult, it is a little time consuming which is why we make it easy with our "One Day, One Place...Done" program. Unlike many notary education companies, we provide a way for you to meet the following notary requirements and qualifications in one day and for a price that is extremely reasonable especially in these economic times.

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Whether you wish to become a notary public or seeking notary renewal, another notary requirement of  the Secretary of State is a notary exam to be passed with a score 70% or higher. The notary exam is timed for 50 minutes and contains 30 multiple choice questions.

At the notary public exam you will need a completed application form, 2x2 passport photo, proof of completion of either an approved 3-hour or 6-hour education course and a $40.00 check made out to the Secretary of State.

Background check

Every notary either seeking to become a notary public, or renewing the notary commission must submit to a federal and state level background check via live scan.  Live scan is a process by which fingerprints are taken electronically and submitted electronically within a period of 24 hours to the FBI and DOJ.  Many notaries are not aware that the reason these need to be done every four years with notary renewal is because fingerprints are not "saved" anywhere.  Live scanned fingerprints are used to compare to the fingerprints on file by criminals.  If there are no matches, the background check via live scan is complete.

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Notary public requirements and Qualifications


To become a notary public and to renew your notary public commission, you will need to take a notary education course certified by the Secretary of State.  The law has been in place since January 2005. For a new notary public, the minimum education requirement is a 6-hour class.  If a commissioned notary public has taken the 6-hour class already and is within 30 days of the commission expiring, they area able to take a 3-hour refresher course.  Once the notary class is finished a certificate of course completion is given and the class attendee gives it as proof that they have taken and successfully passed the education class.

Age requirement

The minimum age  requirement for a notary public in California is 18 years old.  There is no maximum age limit.


Once the notary public commission packet has been received, the next step would be to purchase the notary public supplies. In the notary public packet sent by the Secretary of State, you will use the provided certificate of authorization to order your notary seal. To become a California notary public or if you are seeking a notary public commission renewal in California, it is a notary requirement to have the following:

1. 4 year $15,000 notary public bond

2. Notary public seal
3. Notary public journal

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Oath and Bond

The last step in becoming a notary public or re-commissioning as a California notary public is to go to your local county clerk in the county where you do, (or will do), business as notary public to file an oath and $15,000 bond.

Once you have taken the the notary education class, passed the notary public exam, and have had your live scan fingerprints submitted, the Secretary of State will approve or re-approve your notary public commission.  At that point you will receive in the mail via USPS an envelop from the Secretary of State containing a welcome letter, notary certificate, certificate of authorization to get your seal made by a licensed seal vendor and a paper to take to the county clerk within 30 days which they will file along with your oath and bond..

The point in which your oath and bond are filed is when you may perform duties as a notary public and may begin to transact business.

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